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Not only do we love planning events, but we also love to give back to our community and we use our events as a voice to activate a mission. If we're not helping raise funds through our events, then we're giving ten percent back to a local nonprofit of our choice. It takes a community!


What makes a great team? 
Leadership, balance, communication, commitment, passion for the same goals, positive attitude, diversity, and so much more. 

As the owner of Trifecta Event Management, I'm honored to have the best people I work with daily: Jenna, Michael, Haley, Ricardo, and Marisol. We consider ourselves a work family and have the same passion for planning events! 

We look forward to meeting you soon!
Rebecca, Jenna, Michael, Haley, Ricardo, Marisol



Trifecta EM is an event agency specializing in the creation, planning and execution of B2B and B2C corporate marketing events and functions. Our expertise extends to clients in the fields of advertising/public relations, aerospace/defense, entertainment, fashion, healthcare, manufacturing and oil production. We create multidimensional experiences that inspire people to take action and influence others by building your brand strategy through the integration of your team with ours. Our portfolio of expertise includes events of all types, sizes, and budgets. Rebecca Hackl approaches events with an insight into the requirements and goals of each client’s individual needs. Whether we plan a one-day event or a national tour, our firm creates a unique experience that is tailored specifically to you. Let us refresh and recharge your brand to create business solutions that deliver your vision.


Committed to continuous improvement, TEM leadership is tailored to the client’s needs through custom account management. We enhance event marketing performance by incorporating our combined twenty years of experience in brand management, strategic planning and development, budget supervision and concept creation to deliver measurable results to our clients. TEM continues to evolve and enhance the agency’s value to its clients by incorporating our build-to-suit model in brand strategy, production and design, and visual media/creative services amongst others. This model allows us to bring you the latest in industry technology and facilitate your success.


Through our personalized commitment to service you will work directly with a Project Manager on all aspects of your account. This partnership allows for clear communication with our professional support teams to ensure you have the optimal corporate event.


Utilizing our unique strengths, our focus, is to provide you with a result driven experiential marketing strategy. From design to assessment we maintain the highest standard for every aspect of your brand and its custom strategy.


What does your brand say about you? Whatever it may be, our goal is to maintain and expand your identity wherever it goes.


By utilizing our build-to-suit strategy your project will be paired with the appropriate members of our professional support teams to ensure optimal results in both the marketing and financial arenas.


We know your marketing efforts are not just for fun. Because we uniquely assess, design and measure the results for every brand strategy you can rest easy and know that your brand is in good hands.


There is no need to look further. By incorporating every aspect of your strategy with our team from design to implementation to assessment we are able to offer you a full spectrum of event and brand management.


Whether it be an internal audience of 100 or a consumer base of thousands our team will design a brand experience that will influence your target audience and transform their vision of your brand.

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