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Trifecta Event Management can provide business consulting services for start-ups and small businesses in the service and event industry. Our B2B focus ensures that our clients in the event industry receive the help they require to launch their business. We focus on a number of potential issues important to business owners to assist with the business strategic plan including plan, including including target demographic, service outline, marketing, social media engagement, and the day-to-day operations of the business. We create and give you the tools necessary to help your company succeed. 

There are many questions and struggles common among start-ups and small businesses we can address. We help our clients navigate many tough challenges, such as a lack of understanding of their customers, establishing a vision for the future of the business, and creating strategies that add real value to your organization. We do this through a variety of different methods that all focus on providing value to our clients. 

Event Marketing/PR

Event Management

Event Design

Event Branding

Creating Event Scope & Budget

VIP Hotel accommodations

Creating Event Scope & Budget

Nonprofit event sponsorship outreach

Audio/Visual Needs

Catering & Staffing

Floral, staging, rentals, swag

Live Entertainment/Talent/Sports Figures

VIP air and ground transportation

Live/silent auction capabilities

Secure and manage all vendors

Secure and manage volunteer support

Execute and manage event

Speaker & Celebrity wrangling 

Thanks to our focus on clients of all sizes, Trifecta Event Management has a long history of event management solutions focused on creating and hosting many different successful events for corporations and nonprofits alike. We want to take our experience and pass the wisdom on to you. We utilize an approach that focuses on putting the needs of the client first, which we stress in all our small business consulting services. 

We offer instruction in a number of important areas, including event marketing, graphic design, branding, social media promotion, and event program development. We even have a number of tips and tricks that help growing companies deal with vendors, handle contract negotiations, and conduct registration management. 


 Trifecta Event Management’s business consulting services focus on companies that operate in the event industry, such as country clubs, event venues centers, and catering companies, event planners, photographers, and many more. Let us know today how we can help your small business or start-up reach its full potential. 

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